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Görkem Ergün (Ankara,1981) lens_based artist, graduated from communication sciences and got his MFA in design. His working practice consturcted on interventions aimed at modifying the determined contexts. 

Personal Exhibitons:
-2021 March Phase: Repair’ The Empire Project collaboration with March Art Project
-2015 November 'Threshold' The Empire Project
-2014 December 'F.S.T.R' TORUN Gallery-

-2013 January. 'RAW' Poligon 'TheShooting' Gallery

Group Exhibitions.
-2022 January. "Skin" - Ljubljana, Slovenia
-2020 June. "Crystal Chateau" - Evliyagil Museum - Ankara
-2018 April . "Monomyth" - Galeri Nev Ankara
-2017 May . "A Reflected Assertion" - Galeri Siyah Beyaz - Ankara
-2016 July. "Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses"- Versus Art Project - Istanbul
-2015 December. Istanbul Modern - "Habitat" - Istanbul
-2015 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(The Empire Project)
-2014 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(with Sekerbank OpenScreen and The Empire
-2013 November. Contemporary İstanbul-(with BCAC Project and The Empire Project)
-2013 October. 1.Tblisi Trienal 'Acting In The Library' Group Exhibition
-2012 November..Contemporary İstanbul - Book Dummy (with Reccollective)
-2012 May. Siemens Borders Orbits 11-12 Exhibition

-Membrana Journal -SKIN- vol6.1 March 2022
-Sanat Dünyamız (Yapi Kredi Publication) N:132 / January-February 2012
-Aralik Book. Collective Publishing
-Frankenstein Book Cover . Can Publishing

Artist in Residence:
-BCAC Project/ August-September 2013
-Aksanat - Printmaking Workshop / June-September 2015

-Siemens Borders Orbits 11-12

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