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The underlying question: How do man and his nature change?
In response, my purpose is to reconfigure the human body, its limbs and organs as a focal point using lens-based media. In the process I investigate the limits of various materials, transforming and coalescing them, making use of technological developments, particularly in the field of biology. My approach to this project was as an experiment where the process itself was the determinant. I departed with the assumption that the physical characteristics of human beings that render them human could be the starting point of the response to my initial question, continuing with the hybridism resulting from their transformation, or in my opinion, their reparation, with the redesign and synthesis of materials and body parts. As always, the termination of the process was made possible by use of photography and video: they facilitate the building of a mutual language, while concurrently they can be misleading regarding time, space and scale, producing only a vague and possibly deceptive meaning, bringing to the forefront a feeling of remaining ‘in-between’.

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